Our Institute has a dedicated team to design and deliver meaningful outreach activities aimed to motivate and educate the general public about the importance of light and optics in everyday life and modern technology. We are especially interested in bridging our MIRO researchers and students with the nation-wide school ecosystem in an effort to help elementary and high-school students understand and appreciate the role of optics and physics in all branches of science and engineering.

To learn more about our MIRO outreach efforts, see the description of our most recent activities below. You may also contact us for more information at outreach@miroptics.cl.



MIROSCOPIO: Season One, is a YouTube series of eight episodes that explain the research carried out by each of the groups that compose MIRO, in a non-technical language intended for high-school students and the general public. In these episodes, we navigate several interesting topics: the manipulation of atoms and molecules at ultracold temperatures using light, the synthesis of new nanomaterials for optical devices and solar energy harvesting, the science of liquid-crystal displays on your mobile phone, the fabrication of photonic networks with laser-writing techniques for high-speed transmission of digital information, the engineering of free-space communication links using exotic laser light, and also private optical communication using quantum key distribution with quantum optics.

The World of Reflections

This is an itinerant exhibition that consists of three human-scale optics modules where the public can can experience different phenomena related to the reflection of light. The exhibition will travel across Chile to visit schools, museums, city parks, to engage the public with beauty of optics.

The first exhibition module combines flat, concave and convex mirrors that beautifully highlight the different images that each type of mirror produces, depending on the distance of a person from the mirrors. In the second exhibition module, a person can see multiple reflections from three flat mirrors that form an equilateral triangle. People can put the upper part of their bodies inside the module and see the large number of images formed by the human-sized kaleidoscope.
The third module consists of an infinite tunnel, made up of two flat parallel mirrors with a LED stripe in between. One of the mirrors is semi-transparent, which allows light to pass through it so one can observe the effect of infinite reflections.



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