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Millennium Institute for Research in Optics

MIRO is a young research institute committed to fundamental science and technology on light and its interaction with matter and their applications. Our goal is to address key global technological challenges by promoting collaborative research on quantum light, optical materials, optical communication, and optical pattern formation. We focus on problems that relevant in Energy, Electronics, Information, Communication, Security and Environmental Safety.

5 universities

8 research groups

70+ researchers

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We aim to build the next-generation of optics and photonics workforce in Chile. MIRO is eager to train and support motivated young, ambitious and talented students and researchers in the early stages of their career in experimental and theoretical optics and related areas. We offer support for graduate and postgraduate training and well as opportunities for national and international collaboration.


Media enquiries:
Address: Instituto Milenio de Investigación en Óptica, Esteban Iturra s/n, Barrio Universitario,
Concepción, Chile.

Phone: +56 41 220 7213

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